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My Contemporary Hot Seat: Pushing Boundaries (Fighting Love: Book 2) by kali cross

Exciting Conclusion Released by kali cross

New Adult Romance



New town? New life? Yeah, none of it was easy for Amber Turner, but meeting Tommy Bolt changed that. He healed the old wounds and made this callous, sarcastic girl believe in love again. Believe that she could be loved for something more than just a prop or a mirror image of someone else. That she could be seen, really seen, and loved despite her flaws. But one stupid mistake and one huge misunderstanding left her heart broken into tiny shards of glass. After weeks of waiting to hear from Tommy, she texts Tommy asking him to let her explain.

She got nothing. Crickets. Nada.

Not one text or even a simple phone call telling her they were done. Who does that?

After weeks of moping, her friends try to lift her spirits and help her to move on, but she still struggles with the memory of him. That boyish smile complete with dimples that come out to play, his hard body, the way he could make her body sing, and his sparkling sapphire eyes. Nothing about Tommy is easily forgotten. Amber is confronted with new choices as some old secrets come back to haunt her, threatening to destroy everything she ever believed about herself.

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About the Author:

I live in Texas with my wonderful husband, little girl, and sweet dog. As an avid erotica reader, I love a sizzling story and enjoy creating them. Over the years, I’ve lived all over the US and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to travel the world with my hubby. My passion is creating new characters, some that fall in love, and others that just fall in heavy-duty lust. But sex is a deal breaker, every one of them has to have scorching hot sex. After all, isn’t that what we all want?


My Contemporary Hot Seat: Pushing Limits (Fighting Love Series Book 1)


AMBER TURNER has trust issues. Major trust issues. Shipped off to boarding school at the tender age of six by her power hungry mother and distant father, she tried hard to gain her parents’ approval and have the love she craved. After graduating high school, she comes home from school hoping she will finally have the family life she wants. Turns out, dear old mom merely needs her to smile and wave for the photo ops while she runs for public office. After she wins her coveted position, her mother doesn’t need her anymore and gives Amber two choices: be kicked out of the house with out a dime or find a “suitable” husband from the “right” family at an exclusive college in Texas. Yee-fucking-haw.

TOMMY BOLT is a blue-eyed country boy with secrets of his own. To help out an old family friend, he offers to stand in as the school chauffeur. Damsel in distress and all. He picks up Amber and her aunt when they land, driving her towards her new life. Drawn to her striking sense of humor, smart mouth, and her scrumptious ass, he offers to show her around town. With his dark curls, sapphire blue eyes, mischievous grin, and one smokin’ bod, Amber is tempted to get to know him better. After a scorching hook-up, Amber tries to make it all about the sex, brushing off every attempt Tommy makes to get to know her with sarcasm and half-truths. Tommy pushes Amber’s limits, emotionally and physically, forcing her to break down her walls. His only condition is I don’t share. His only requirement is honesty. After one monumentally stupid decision, Amber violates his trust and Tommy walks away, obliterating her heart.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and is meant for mature audiences.

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Here’s what  a couple of people are saying:

Daring romance with tons of twists!
Amber is a character who will grow on you from page one. She instantly grabbed my attention and made me want to learn more about her. I was in her corner, rooting for her to find someone to both love and understand her. Then enters Tommy, wow! The chemistry between Amber and Tommy will make your heart race. Each of Amber’s encounters make you want to learn more about her friends who could have a book of his/her own. The story is of the New Adult genre, written in first person present tense. The perspective of the book allows the reader to dive into the intimate thoughts of Amber. Overall this is a great book, and I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.
Must read if you love New Adult books! 
Amber is a girl who doesn’t know what she really wants, until Tommy enters her life. The book is perfectly written, the drama, the romance, and entire novel keeps you reading until it ends. You won’t be the same after reading and will be craving more! I recommend it to anyone who loves romance!

Here’s what I’m saying:

GO BUY THE BOOK! It’s awesome. This is the debut novel for new author, kali cross. Pushing Limits excites your mind and leaves you craving more. Amber is strong and gutsy, while Tommy is super HOT.

2nd Book Coming Soon….


About kali Cross:

I live in Texas with my wonderful husband, little girl, and sweet dog. As an avid erotica reader, I love a sizzling story and enjoy creating them. Over the years, I’ve lived all over the US and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to travel the world with my hubby. My passion is creating new characters, some that fall in love, and others that just fall in heavy-duty lust. But sex is a deal breaker, every one of them has to have scorching hot sex. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

Check out her website:

The Nysein: Salvation – RELEASED

The Nysein: A few centuries ago, control became an issue abounding in a war like no other. The vampires and necromancers reigned sovereign in the shadows of eerie night. They prophesied a new era…a new breed of enhanced vampire no one on earth had ever seen…


A wasting disease marks the Nysein race after King Darién seeks vengeance upon his mother’s murderers. Every day he chokes on loneliness and past mistakes as another innocent victim dies without hope. His only salvation lies in a whispered curse, immersed in an ancient mating ritual. An idea so repulsive, he can’t imagine ever fulfilling…mating for life with a woman he’s never met, half human, half vampire. With one look upon the half-breed’s face, his rationality plummets.


For scholarly beauty Jenera Cole, life moves in slow motion, another strike against her…another disappointment. She is unaware of her immortal destiny until fate traps her inside an otherworldly hell, however, a stranger appears within her supernatural prison…a man with seductive eyes and an incredible power. Destiny isn’t only a word, it is the source of the Nysein magic, and Jenera must accept her fate. She must lay claim to the lost King as secrets bury them, lies unite them, and a prophecy comes true…

Available @ Smashwords and Amazon

Aftermath, a novella by Beth Mikell – Released


You are cordially invited to attend…the wedding of Haley Rose Cohen and Jonathan Edward Mercer. Yeah, the wedding that never took place, a notable write off filled with more lies than a politician’s agenda and just as cruel. This is Haley’s hell, her purgatory on earth…as the past and present collide…


Haley Cohen damned Jon Mercer the moment he left her at the altar. He embarrassed her, shamed her, and took what shred of dignity she had left. Reconstructing her life hasn’t been easy, in fact, there are things she’ll never be able to forget. Yet, Jon makes a sudden reappearance in her life, reminding her of all her losses. He’s demanding, irritating and has some kind of nerve sucking her into his drama.

As Jon endures his past sins against Haley, he can’t change what he’s done. He had reasons for leaving–damn good ones. Now, everything he strives to protect is falling apart. No matter his determination, betrayal is in the works, forgiveness desperate, and secrets more than he can stomach. As hell steps up, Jon must fight against the one thing he wants more than anything…Haley’s heart.

Available at Smashwords - Amazon - Barnes & Noble

A letter from Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett


Jane Austen

If it’s romantic or touches the heart, why not share it? Well, I found an old CD full of my writing jumbled among what I deemed junk—and what a little gem I found. If anyone knows me, they’ll know my love of Jane Austen spans several of her books: Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibilities, and Emma. The following letter is written in the vein of role-play, as if Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett, now Mrs. Darcy and Sense and Sensibilities’ Elinor Dashwood, now Mrs. Ferrars are friends. The letter connects each book in a subtle way through Elizabeth’s experiences, sharing each encounter with Elinor.

My Dear Elinor,

Imagine my genuine delight in receiving your letter, for I cannot begin to give you a better expressed account of welcome it gave me this fine day.  Truly, I hope that my letter finds everyone in exceedingly good health and happiness; complete and without complaint, as I can report only the same.

Indeed, I found your very obliging account of Marianne’s happiness in marriage to be every bit as much as I had hoped for her and her new husband.  Pray, continue to give my regards, for I would only have want of their continued greatness in love and deep attachment.  And for you, my dear friend, I can only wish the same in pleasure and similarity of happiness with regards to your marriage.  Your felicity in situation and amiable tone of life passed through your words with much attention, bringing a pleasant smile to my lips that could only know sanguine overtures.

But first, to another matter with regards to my dear Sister-in-law, Georgiana, forgive me Elinor if my words were to blunt with surprise in view of her impending marriage to Colonel Fitzwilliam.  I wrote you in a moment of great joy and excitement that could not be contained and I am very sure that my words were expressed poorly, lacking due decorum.  Mr. Darcy and I are exceedingly happy with the turn of events and can only find such sincere contentment with the notable turn of events.  Having said that, however, I must tell you that indeed, Mr. Darcy and I would truly never find a more amiable and temperate gentleman than Colonel Fitzwilliam for Georgiana.  So, I must conclude the joyous turn of events as completely wonderful for everyone.  Even as I write you, a letter came by post from my dear Sister-in-law to be that the ever-imposing virtue of Lady Catherine de Burgh has given her blessing with much heart as she indeed she possesses.  Oh, dear Elinor, you will think me impertinent for that remark.  There are times when my own opinions have no scruple in judgments, but I shall endeavor to curb myself.

I have been waiting for the right time to relate the every exciting evening party that Mr. Darcy and I attended.  I had not realized the extent of whom exactly I was going to be meeting until the moment I arrived.  Mr. Darcy was well meaning in his discretion for fear that I would be too anxious, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised and I shall save the unveiling moment until the last.  We traveled five miles to Randalls, the home of Mr. Weston, a business acquaintance of Mr. Darcy’s and by all accounts a most generous host and a sensible man, who I found in good character and easy manner.  His wife, Mrs. Weston, was every bit the same in judgment and taste, with worthy conversation and politeness only to warmth.  There was only a pleasing affection that could easily blossom into a very lasting friendship that I found indeed agreeable.

Next, there was a couple in attendance that happen to be very close to the Weston’s not only in distance but in true friendship.   Mr. & Mrs. Knightley of Donwell Abbey, yet residing at the home of Mrs. Knightley’s father.  My, dear Elinor, here is a couple that both you and Mr. Ferrars would find exceedingly agreeable.  Mr. Knightley is considerably older than his wife, but by all account a cheerful man with an open heart, for he moved to his wife’s home for her ailing father could not endure the change of her marriage, yet Mr. Knightley’s generous manner gave way.  Mrs. Knightley was entirely comfortable and warm in her conversation and heart and I found both of them agreeable and quite loving in their attentions to each other as well as to their acquaintances.  In a close conversation with Mr. Knightley, he happened to mentioned to me that he had never seen Mr. Darcy so happy.  The compliment paid found me momentarily reflecting in a swelling burst of pride, yet humbled – for once I thought Mr. Darcy to have improper pride; oh, how time does change the heart!

Now, my friend—I must give way to the very news that I first brought up—only to stop most ungraciously.  Amongst the small gathering at Randalls, I was introduced to a Lady Russell, an old family acquaintance of the late Lady Anne Darcy, Mr. Darcy’s mother.  Lady Russell traveled up especially to wait upon me from Bath and such a marked attention could hardly go unnoticed for indeed the great honor left me enthusiastic, though I feared to obtusely disappointing yet said lady.  However, my fears were rallied.  I found Lady Russell to be a widow of steady character with obvious manners, perhaps a bit cool, yet unassuming.  We only spoke at first of generalities, but she then made it known how she would desire a closer acquaintance.  For so long she and the Darcy family have been intimate friends and that to see another mistress of Pemberly closely, as an honor.  Such a clear admission by her left me modestly seeking a quiet moment, so I shall venture no other opinion on the matter other than to say for now that I found Lady Russell affable in spirit.  Mr. Darcy did himself say he found the evening most enjoyable and I would heartily agree with him.

My dear Elinor, if ever there were enough hours, I would have the perfect day and most enjoyably write you more, but alas, Mrs. Reynolds, my housekeeper seeks an audience.  I am very pleased to know you and Mr. Ferrars are doing so well and settling in at Delaford.  Should you but have a moment before the holidays get underway, do write me.  For now, I must be content with that. My best to you—

Yours ever,


Life and Love in Pictures…

Since love encompasses everything I do, whether in writing or life, I thought to do something a little different in a post via quote pictures. In chronological order, they tell a story from the beginning to the end, regarding life and love…things to ponder and things to hold on to. Words as a whole give us wisdom, love and even pain. I challenge you to see the lines drawn and the hope painted.

1. Be joyful.



2. Be thankful.



3. Love the small pleasures.



4. Always dream.



5. Be unique.



6. Have some fun.



7. Stress happens, but there is alternatives.



8. Love is important and so is your heart.



9. Spread some love.



10. Take care of yourself.



11. Everyone is human and makes mistakes.





(All photos via Pinterest)

My Contemporary Hot Seat: The Darkest Craving

9780373777754_SMP_pr72DF96 (1)


New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter is back with a breathtaking Lords of the Underworld tale about a warrior trapped by darkness and the woman determined to save him

Having endured weeks of torture in the bowels of hell, Kane wants nothing to do with his beautiful rescuer, Josephina Aisling. The half-Fae female threatens to awaken the demon of Disaster inside him—a beast he’s determined to kill, no matter the price.

Josephina is hunted by a brutal enemy—her royal family—and Kane is her only source of protection. He’s also the only male to ever set her aflame, and even he succumbs to the heat. But as they navigate the treacherous world of the Fae, they are forced to make a choice: live apart or die together.


Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld series and more than thirty other books. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Visit her at

Share the love…pre-order your copy today @ Barnes, Amazon

 Personally…I can’t wait! Love, love, love the Lords series. Expected publication: July 30th 2013 by Harlequin HQN

My Contemporary Hot Seat: Starr Fated

In a small town called Forks, Stephanie Meyer wrote of Twilight…then came along a talented fan fiction writer…and out vampires came the famous Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. Another fan fiction author was inspired to write Christian Grey’s point of view on blog site, Meet Fifty Shades Continued…and this is where we are now. G. E. Griffin has been so successful with her Christian Grey POV blog, she’s kicked out her own story. And it’s fabulous. Many talented writers are breaking ground in the most unusual way—all on their own. Have a look…



When art student Seraphina Jones leaves her bag behind on a London tube train, little does she know this will change the course of her life. She initially brushes off the cute guy who comes to her rescue, but when he suggests a seemingly perfect solution to her problems, she decides to take him up on his offer.

For L​ondon School of Economics student Jamie Starr, returning the bag he discovers the gorgeous babe sitting opposite him on the train has left behind gives him the perfect excuse to get to know her better. Jamie is not used to rejection from girls, but despite his best attempts, Sera remains intriguingly unreceptive to his efforts.
Cynical wealthy businessman Liam Starr is certain Jamie’s good nature has been taken advantage of by a hard up art student. Liam doesn’t believe in any of that love or romance rubbish, and he’s determined that a pretty face is not going to take his gullible baby brother for a ride.
But first impressions aren’t always correct, and people aren’t always what they seem.

Links to buy:



My Short Review:

LOVED THIS!!! Since I learned Ms. Griffin was writing her own novel after her fan fiction blog did so well, I was super excited. She didn’t disappoint either (thank you for that, btw)! I’m not into spoilers–this is just my congratulations on a fabulous erotic novel so worth the wait. Starr Fated left me breathless. I really enjoyed her characterization, the natural progression between the couple and of course, the steamy heat!! It was a pleasure to read, truly. I’m hooked, that’s for sure. :) Something I adored…I loved the UK experience from the accents to the references. I felt drawn in, like I was there too. That’s what makes a great story.
Brilliant writing by a talented new author! :)

Final Word:

Try it! You’re gonna love it! :)

Happy 4th from Hex upon Me


(Photo Source:

A little more Hex upon Me…

Savannah snuggled one-month-old Brendan, placing a kiss on his tiny forehead before laying him gently in his bassinet. Having her second child was easier this time and she loved remembering her husband’s face as the he gathered their son in his arms minutes after delivery. The love reflected in his eyes humbled her, and made her weak in the knees. She caressed Brendan’s cheek, a soft smile touching the corners of her lips—satisfied, no, full within her heart. Who would’ve imagined her life quite like this? A sexy husband…aka her biker god…Hexon James Montgomery. Two beautiful children, Jamie and Brendan. Her life was blessed and motherhood the epitome of heaven within her world.


She tilted her head, her eyes locking with azure blues in the doorway of their bedroom. There wasn’t anything she loved more than her husband’s presence, and she knew she held his heart within hers. Tears stung her eyes at the depth of emotion, rattled by the mix of pleasure mixed pain and her dark eyes cut back to their newborn son. God, she was a weenie! A total sap, yet she loved it…but that didn’t mean she loved showing it!

Savannah felt him…even before he touched her; his body heat radiated a powerful wave over her skin setting her on fire. She gasped a tight breath as Hex’s arms encircled her waist.

“Hey, I did not just see tears in your eyes did I ?”

She shook her head. “Absolutely not!” Yet, she brushed back a stray tear, caught.

Hex snorted softly, turning his wife in his arms and tilted her chin up. “Tears, princess?” He brushed them back with his thumbs. “I have it on good authority–today is a happy day. Ricardo is setting up the grill. Jagger and Jamie are swiping icing off the cake while trying to impress Katie’s college friends, though I think Jamie’s got the whole girl thing in the bag. Jagger should take notes! Sean and Laura just arrived with Devon, while the Merrick work force brought a keg of beer to a family gathering.” He shrugged. “Ya know, the whole nine yards.”

Savannah giggled. “Shut up! They did not!” She swatted his muscular forearm with her hand.

He grinned, loving the sound of her happiness and he spun her away from the bassinet towards the balcony. “Okay, just a case of beer, but the potential is there.” His eyes grew serious as he caressed her cheek. “What’s the matter, princess?”

She swallowed hard, meeting his concerned gaze. “It hit me so forcefully—so in my face on how happy I really am. I’m happy I walked into SWAT and met you.” Savannah leaned up, brushing her lips over his. “I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you so much, Hexon.”

He laughed. “Hell, I would, princess! For starters, I wouldn’t have been a total jackass and left you for six months!”

She bit lip, the memory of that still painful. “But, the makeup sex was off the chart.”

“Baby, sex with you any time of day is fun-freaking-tastic!”

She glanced at her watch. “I’ve got five minutes…”

He raised a dark brow. “You think five is enough?”

“No, but we do have a house full of guests and…” His lips touched hers, searing and mind numbing.

At that moment, Brendan cried…Jamie ran into the room followed by Jagger and Katie, while Hex and Savannah broke apart—one smiling—the other scowling.

She leaned close to her husband, her voice dropping to a whisper. “We’ll make our own fireworks later.”

Hex winked. “You bet your sexy ass, princess.” He scooped Jamie up in his arms as his wife picked up Brendan, while Katie and Jagger argued the propriety of icing theft.

Ah, life at the Montgomery sci-fi was never a dull moment…


Hex upon me available @ Smashwords and Amazon

Guest Author Beth Mikell ~ July 4, 2013

Taking the leap into guest authoring…

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